Intensive Italian Courses in Italy (Sestri Levante)


Intensive Italian language courses in Italy

All the programmes of study at the ABC school in Sestri Levante include intensive Italian courses. Indeed, Italian classes are held every day from Monday to Friday, with a maximum number of 6 students per class, generally in the mornings while in the afternoons it is possible to undertake individual lessons and/or participate in our extracurricular activities. 

Studying Italian in small groups allows students to learn faster and with more confidence and allows teachers to follow the progress of the class more closely. Therefore, in a short time you can improve both your spoken and written language, perfect your pronunciation, increase your vocabulary and become independent in your use of Italian.

At the ABC Italian language school in Liguria the quality of the Italian courses is very important and we place as much importance on the acquisition of grammar rules as we do on communication skills.

The textbooks that we use in our Italian language and culture courses are produced directly by the ABC school in Florence which, in its 40 years of experience in teaching Italian to foreigners, has been able to perfect the teaching material based on the actual needs of those who study Italian with us. For the conversation classes we take inspiration from the many Italian books that are on the market, but our teachers have also created many original teaching activities to stimulate students to use the grammar tools they have learnt and to speak Italian from the first hours of classes.

In the afternoons, after the group Italian classes, you can: take individual lessons to deepen your knowledge of the Italian language, participate in our socio-cultural programme of activities, explore Sestri Levante and the surrounding area, or relax on the beach right in front of the school. The windows of our classrooms overlook the Bay of Silence, one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Italy.

The Intensive Courses offered by the ABC Italian language school are multiple: the Standard Course in groups (20 Italian lessons per week in groups) is the basis of all our courses; those who want to practice more grammar and communication can continue with their study of the language in the afternoon by choosing the Intensive course(30 Italian lessons per week in group), or the Super-Intensive Course (40 lessons per week in group and individual); those who have particular work requirements, want to prepare for exams to obtain an Italian qualification or simply want to have more time to speak and deepen their Italian language skills can attend our Combined Courses (20 lessons in group + 3, 5, or 10 individual Italian lessons per week). The 50+ Course, rather, is aimed at older students (although they are of course free to attend all of the intensive language courses) who want to combine the study of Italian with extracurricular experiences more tailored to them.

At the ABC school in Sestri Levante there are also individual coursescourses for smaller groups, family courses or Italian courses for holidays.

Online Italian courses are also available.

Absolute beginners can enrol in an intensive Italian language course, as can those who already speak Italian and want to hone their knowledge of the language: at ABC school we have Italian classes for all levels of knowledge of the language. Beginners can start the course every other Monday; students at elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels can start every Monday and are required to take an online grammar placement test before arriving at school and a short oral interview online (from home) or on the first day of school. In this way we can assess the level of grammar and communication ability and therefore place the students in the most suitable classes so that they can best continue with their study of the Italian language in Italy.

In the afternoons, after all the Italian classes, individual or in groups, and on Saturdays, we organise extracurricular activities that allow students to learn about other aspects of Italian culture and visit the area of Sestri Levante and other famous locations in Liguria. Together we could be going for walks along the seafront, taking scenic treks in the hills (suitable for all), visit farms and ranches, go wine, oil or ice-cream tasting, visit the Cinque Terre or other colourful villages on the Ligurian coast such as Portofino, Santa Margherita Ligure, San Fruttuoso, Porto Venere, and many more.

If you are looking for an intensive Italian language course to start studying Italian or to perfect what you already know, if you want to study Italian in a small group, if you are looking for quality and a staff that is attentive to the needs of the students, if you want to feel at home in a school with a familiar atmosphere, or if you want to have a language study stay in Italy and combine the study of the Italian language with interesting food and wine experiences, nature walks along the Mediterranean coast and visits to picturesque towns, then ABC Italian language school in Sestri Levante is the right school for you.

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