Italian Courses Online (Skype)

Online Italian Courses

At ABC school we have been running online Italian courses for many years.

You might choose to take Italian classes online if:

  • you are eager to start studying Italian before coming to school here,
  • you don't want to forget what you learnt in Italy with us, and you want to continue to speak Italian even after the course is over
  • if you cannot travel to Italy to study Italian for other reasons

The school offers the opportunity to take Italian lessons online via Skype or Zoom from the comfort of your own home with our highly qualified, native-speaking teachers. 

The online lessons are individual, highly customisable, and with timetables set by agreement.

We can structure the frequency of lessons in a week, the timetable, and the lesson content according to your needs. You can study grammar, focus on communication, deepen your knowledge of general or professional Italian.

The teaching materials are sent by e-mail or via Skype or Zoom.

Lesson times

The schedule of the classes and the duration of the online Italian course can be customised and must be agreed upon with the segretary of the Italian school in Liguria.


In this period in which it has become more difficult to travel and move around, we have decided to offer online lessons at special prices.

For more information you can contact the admin office or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you wish to enrol in our online Italian lessons, click here.

Themed Online Courses

In collaboration with the ABC school in Florence, we periodically offer all our students some online lessons on Italian culture. The topics typically concern Italian literature or the history of art and are a good opportunity to learn about and deepen certain aspects of topics of particular interest.

Contact us to find out about our upcoming scheduled meetings.