When can I start an Italian language course?

Beginners: every other week.

All other levels: every Monday.

You can also consult the course calendar.

Is there an entrance test?

Yes, you must do an online grammar test as well as a quick oral examination. The oral test can be done either online or on the first day of lessons at 8:30.

At what time should I come to the school on my first day?

Beginners: 8:45

All other levels: 8:30

How many students are there in each class?

The maximum number of students per lesson is 8 (minimum 3), to ensure the highest quality of teaching and learning.

What educational materials do you use?

Grammar: workbooks written and produced by the ABC School itself, the product of many years of experience.

Conversation: photocopies of original resources.

All educational materials are included in the course prices.

What is your didactic methodology?

We place as much importance on grammar as we do conversation skills. As such, our lessons are split into two parts: grammar and conversation. 

It is possible to be in different classes for grammar and conversation, based on your level of ability in each.

Are your teachers native Italian speakers?

Naturally, all of our teachers are native Italian speakers, and are highly skilled and qualified in teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Will I gain a qualification from my course?

At the end of each course, students will receive a certificate of attendance indicating the level of proficiency attained.

Will the school help me find accommodation?

The ABC School at Sestri Levante can help you find accommodation if you need. Our accommodation is at most 25/30 minutes from the school on foot, 15 minutes on average.

You can arrive and leave on either the Saturday or Sunday before/after your course.

General Conditions of Enrolment

Enrolment in one of our courses implies the knowledge and acceptance of the following general conditions

  1. Lesson timetables and duration

Language courses are in the morning, from Monday through Friday.

Standard Courses in Groups: in the morning.

Intensive Courses in Groups: in the mornings and afternoons.

Combined Courses: Group lessons in the mornings and individual lessons in the afternoons.

Individual, Duetto, or Trietto Courses: can be in the morning and/or afternoon, timetable subject to personalisation through mutual agreement.

Lesson timetables can occasionally vary.

Group lessons are 45 minutes.

Individual lessons are 55 minutes.

  1. The level of the courses

The levels of the courses follow the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

  1. Number of students in a class

The maximum number of students per class is 8.

The minimum number is 3.

If the minimum number of students for a class is not met, the timetable will be changed to private lessons (of reduced duration to reflect increased intensity).

  1. Recovery of lessons

If a student does not attend their course or leaves before it finishes, they can not recover or be reimbursed for lost lessons.

National holiday: only individual lessons will be compensated for.

  1. 50+ Course

The 50+ course can be undertaken if at least two students enrol in it.

If this minimum number of students is not met, the lessons will be exchanged for private lessons (with reduced hours). The cultural activities for this course will take place even if there is only one student.

  1. Accommodation

You can find the rules for accommodation on our Accommodation page.

  1. Payment

A down payment of 30% of the cost of the course is required at the time of enrolment.

Method of payment:

- Bank transfer

Account name: L’Arca s.r.l. Numero del conto:1000/1306

Banca Intesa San Paolo - Via Bufalini 4 – 50122 Firenze

IBAN: IT57W0306902887100000013063 - BIC/SWIFT: BCITITMM

- Credit card

- Cash

  1. Change of bookings, cancellations, and refunds

The 30% down payment will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

The school will not reimburse the student once the course has started.

  1. Entrance Visa

If you are not from the EU, you will need to apply for a Study Visa if your stay will exceed 90 days.

The ABC school will only issue your visa application document after payment of the total course fee.

If you are refused a visa, the school will reimburse you for the course, keeping €70.00 for administrative fees.

Once you have arrived at the school in Sestri Levante, you will have to apply for the "Permesso di Soggiorno" (Residence Permit) at the local police headquarters.

  1. Accidents and Insurance

The ABC School is insured in accordance with Italian law.

You must, however, provide your own personal insurance.

  1. Liability

The school is not liable for:

  • Illness, accidents, discrimination, damages, or injuries caused to itself, to the students, or to a third party.
  • Theft, loss, or damages caused to objects at the school or in the accommodation.
  • The inability to provide any service due to causes outside of our control, including: government decrees, natural disasters, epidemics, pandemics.
  • Reimbursement in the above circumstances: the School has the authority to decide whether a reimbursement is warranted.
  1. Expulsion

In the event that a student's behaviour is seriously detrimental to others, the student may be removed from class at the discretion of the Management. There will be no refund from the school.

  1. Acceptance of the rules

By enrolling, you have accepted the School’s General Conditions.

  1. Photo and Video

By accepting the School’s General Conditions, you give permission for the School to use photos and videos taken of you for marketing purposes.

  1. Data authorisation

By submitting the application form, in accordance with art.10 of the Italian law n.196/2003 and Decree 101/2018, you authorise ABC school to process your personal data, statements, and image to third parties for marketing purposes.

  1. Cancellation of Accommodation

- 7 days before the agreed start date: the school will keep one week’s worth of the accommodation cost.

- 14 days before the agreed start date: the school will keep 50% of the cost of the first week.

- Cancellation notice before 15 days of the booking date: no cancellation fee.